Finding a Life You Love

Much of my clinical work is about discovering ‘a life you love’ for each client.  We start with how and why they got stuck in their health and life.  The magical bit is realising what they can do to influence what’s happening and make great changes.

So, what if you don’t feel particularly stuck, are you living a life you love?

If we’re not careful we find ourselves just being carried along in our life.  Days roll into weeks and before you know it another year has flown by.  It’s as if we are on a travellator, like at the airport.   We’re following the same journey and routines, and dreaming about how things could be.

Do you ever find yourself thinking about what life could be like?  The things that you could do and the opportunities you would have?  If only you had the time, the money, or both?

Generally these things are thought of as being in the future.  I often hear statements like: ‘when I reach my goal weight’, ‘when I retire’ or ‘when I pay of my credit card’ etc..

What could you be doing right now, that will move you a step towards a life you love?

finding a life you love

What would you love to do?

Think about the things you would love to do if there was nothing to stop you.  What’s on your wish list?  What will you be doing when you are enjoying a life that you love?

For me the list looks a little like this:

What does your list look like?  There may be a number of ‘big’ things that won’t happen overnight, but there will also be a number of achievable things that you can act on right now!  And the great thing is, they are often the ones you don’t have to work too hard to achieve, are affordable as well as being enjoyable and fun.

How about booking time in your schedule to do some of those things for yourself?  Each one will bring you a step closer to living a ‘life you love’.