Do You Understand Your Client Journey?

Your client journey is simply the route they take from discovering you, to working with you.  Once you start seeing clients, they already follow a path whether you realise it or not.  Having clarity over this will help you focus your marketing efforts.

You may have heard the terms ‘sales funnel’ or more recently the ‘flywheel’.  These are models’ marketers use to map out their customer journey and how they progress through the business.

understanding your client journey

Sales funnel

Imagine a funnel shape, wide at the top and narrowing as you pass through it.  The idea is to move people through the funnel from one stage to the next as smoothly as possible.  Especially when you’re marketing online, you need a lot of people going into the top of the funnel in order to create a few paying customers at the bottom.  It’s a numbers game and most marketing effort goes on attracting people into the top of the funnel.

A very simple marketing funnel works something like this:


A flywheel, when used in engineering, is an energy efficient wheel which builds momentum as it turns.

In marketing, it is a great model for complementary practitioners as it works on building trust and relationships.  This changes marketing from blasting out messages to attract attention and instead, relies on word of mouth.  The flywheel uses the momentum of happy clients to build your business.

The flywheel is a circular model and your client sits at the centre of the wheel.  Marketing is designed to attract, engage and delight them and build relationships for the longer term.  This is what helps you to build a thriving, sustainable practice.

Think about the times when you’re looking to buy something.  You’ll ask your network for ideas, check reviews, you want to know we can trust our choice.  This trust is what you want to capture to build your business in an efficient way.

Map out your customer journey

Draw out the journey your clients take to find you and list the marketing you do in each of these areas:

This model moves your focus away from spending your energy trying to attract attention by shouting about what you do.  It moves you towards building relationships and helping your clients become your best marketers which is where you will get momentum.

From your review, you will be able to see stages in your client journey that require more effort.  Ensure you’re doing something to help and support clients at each stage to keep the wheel turning and build momentum.

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