Creating Packages for Complementary Practitioners

The starting point for most practitioners is to offer one-to-one sessions, selling one session at a time to each client.  This results in having conversations about whether they want to book another session each time.  Delaying appointments or not getting around to re-booking could cost clients their results, and you to lose income.

With this model, you’re swapping time for money and there will be a ceiling to what you can earn.  If this suits you, that’s fine, but if not, consider packaging your services.

Packaging is grouping together elements to provide your clients with great value.  Well thought out packages will help you to stand out from the competition.  By including extras that don’t require you to fulfil them personally, you will add value and provide extra support without tying up more time.

creating packages for complementary practitioners

Packages provide your clients with options.  You may find having a lower priced offering allows people to experience your approach before making bigger investments.  Keep it simple with a maximum of three packages, or it could have the opposite effect and overwhelm potential clients.

How to start creating packages

Do your research to see what else is out there.  What other packages do your potential clients buy both like and different from your services?  These will give you ideas on what people are interested in purchasing and what you could create.

Speak to your clients and find out what support they would love from you.  What additional extras would they find useful that you could provide easily?

Additional extras

Consider what you can offer your clients in addition to your packages to help them get the most from your services:

These are just a few suggestions, but you get the idea.  Imagine offering additional extras to your sessions and programmes and the value they can add for your client.  Get creative, how can you add additional extras to what you do?

The logistics of working with clients

When working on the main issues you solve for your clients, consider the following:

Create your packages

Look at the type of business you have and work out what works best for you and your clients.  Here are some ideas for different packages:

Packages of sessions

If you usually work with clients for several sessions to achieve great results, look at how you can package them up.  To make the packages attractive, offer a discounted rate from your individual sessions.  If you offer six sessions for the price of five, your client will have an incentive to buy the package and commit to doing the work.  You will have an inspired client and receive the stability of the guaranteed income to your business.

This is the fastest way to add a package to your offerings and can be done with very little work by you.


Creating a programme is a great way to solve a specific problem for your clients.  They can be as short as a week or even a year long.  Be aware, people are less likely to commit to something that’s too long, as it will feel unachievable and like a huge commitment. Work out the best time frame for clients to get great results.  You can always add on extra weeks/months if required by some clients.

You need to consider how will you deliver these: in person, online, in groups etc.  If you’re just starting with programmes, keep it really simple and plan it out using the technology you currently have available and you understand.  Get started and build it up slowly and in a manageable way.

Creating a programme is a lot of work.  There is always the option of buying a done for you, templated system to help you create a programme quickly.

Group programmes are a great way to get clients through your door and experience your approach before committing to a bigger investment.  Working in groups can be easier and less time consuming than working individually with clients as they will be following the same structure.


These are a great way to share your passion and knowledge.  As with the programmes, keep them simple and start small.  A herbalist could do a herb walk in their local area, or a nutritionist could teach classes about healthy eating for busy families.  You could also teach your peers skills you have that they would love.

You will need to be organised, but workshops are a great way to introduce clients into your practice.

DIY programmes for your clients

Is there something you could create for your clients to help themselves?  There are all sorts of products you can create and sell such as books, online course, workbooks, audio downloads, diaries, cheat sheets etc.  Once created, you will have to market them but they won’t take time to deliver.

This could also be the basis of a workshop you run, or to provide as additional extras for your sessions and programmes.

VIP days

Do you offer a service that can be created into some sort of intensive day or half day session?  This could be with a single person or a small group and is a premium service.  It will, however, give your client(s) your full attention for a period of time to address their problems in a really focussed way.


These are a great way to take your client out of their normal environment and focus on working with them and creating an amazing experience.  These are a great opportunity to team up with other practitioners to offer a range of complementary approaches.


How you package your services will change as you start to work out what works and what doesn’t.  You’ll be refining your packages as you go.  I started with a one-month and a six-month coaching programme but soon realised the one month was too intense for my clients and six months was too long.  I now offer a twelve-week programme along with pay as you go sessions for anyone who wants to work on smaller, specific challenges.

Check with your professional body for any rules around offering packages before you decide on how you will package up your products and services.

If you want help creating packages, contact me to find out how I can help you.

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