How to Create Your Simple Editorial Calendar

simple editorial calendar

One of the tasks I find really beneficial in making sure I get stuff done is to create a simple editorial calendar.  That may seem like a big task but it doesn’t have to be, you can make it really simple and easy for yourself – the trick is to just do it.

What is an editorial calendar?

Basically, it is an outline of the marketing activities you are planning to do over the next period of time (I tend to do this monthly but choose a period of time to suit you).  Because I work from my goals, I just need to break them down into individual topics for my emails, blog posts etc.  This means when it comes to sitting down and writing or creating graphics, I don’t end up going around in circles having to search for inspiration each time. Yes, I have been there too and it is a massive waste of time and energy.  By creating your editorial calendar, you will know what content you want to publish and on what date.  Follow the steps below and get your marketing flowing.

Start by booking a regular time in your diary.

Do this to block out the time to create your calendar and also to create the content you have planned – this way you will follow through and actually do it.

Decide your chosen marketing activities.

If you are just starting out, keep it simple by picking two or three to focus on.  Once you get comfortable with them and get into the habit of creating content on a regular basis, you can add more into the mix.  Your choice will be led by what your clients want to consume above what you like doing, it will take a little trial and error to see what works best.  There are lots of options available including written content, graphics, video and audio.

What is your frequency?

Work out how often it is realistic for you to produce each type of content based on your schedule.  It is better to be realistic about what you can achieve, even it isn’t as often as you would ideally like to produce information.  The key is being consistent – this is something we all struggle with at times.   If you are only able to write a newsletter once a month – that’s OK, it’s better to do that, than write a weekly for one month and none the next.

What is your marketing goal?

By knowing your long term marketing goal, you can make sure your activities take you a step nearer to them, rather than floundering around doing a bit of this and a bit of that and getting nowhere fast!  So if you haven’t done this, think about what your overall goal is, decide whether it is establishing your business, building an email list, raising your profile as an expert, increasing traffic to your website etc. then write it down.

Brainstorm your ideas!

Give yourself 15 minutes and take a sheet of paper and write down everything you can think of that will help your clients, entertain them, inspire them or answer their questions that relate to the services you offer.

A great idea is to get into the habit of keeping ideas for your content marketing in one place so that when you come to creating your next calendar, they are there ready and waiting for you.

Pick your topics.

From your brainstorm, pick the top priorities that you think your clients would be interested in.  Now it is time to get organised and create your content calendar.

Creating your simple editorial calendar.

Create 5 columns on your page and give them the following headings:

And then fill it in with the date you want to publish, the platform you have chosen (email, blog post, podcast etc.), the topic (so this one would be ‘editorial calendar’), a title if you have one and the last column is there to note any references that would assist you in either creating your content or those that you want to refer to in it.

Get your free template here.

You could also use a calendar or a diary if you prefer, the key is to, plan out when and what you are doing.

Before you do anything else, just check that what you are planning fits the following criteria to make sure it is working for you:

Now you can start to create your content in a strategic way and make sure it counts.

Promote, promote, promote!

Once you have created your brilliant content, you need to promote it to make it reach as far as possible.  So go and share it on social media, through your email list – everywhere you have a presence and let people know!

If you need help in creating your editorial calendar, contact me to arrange a chat to find out how I can assist you.

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