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how to stop feeling overwhelmed

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

We’re all in this weird reality right now where life and for many, work is in limbo.  So many practitioners are feeling the pressure to do more, and more, me included.  I feel busier now than ever, trying to keep … Continue reading

simple ways to work remotely

Simple Ways to Work Remotely

Working remotely is something I’ve done a lot of since moving to Wales nearly 5 years ago.  My main work as a practitioner is in London and I support my clients from home.  This article looks at the simplest ways … Continue reading

holistic business survival guide

Holistic Business Survival Guide

We’re living in very uncertain times and the way we live and work is changing fast. Life goes on and there is only so much we can control.  We need to make sure we look after ourselves and our business … Continue reading

Workshop ideas for your CAM practice

Workshop Ideas for Your CAM Practice

Workshops are a fabulous way to add another service and attract more income for your business.  They come in all different shapes and sizes from in-person to online, in-depth to taster sessions. Workshops are great for your business and can … Continue reading

Discovering Your Ethical Marketing Activities

Discovering Your Ethical Marketing Activities

Marketing yourself in an ethical way is key to building a sustainable business you’re proud of.  One that helps you to thrive personally and as a complementary practitioner, coach or therapist. Ethical marketing is about being human and communicating in … Continue reading

creating checklists to save time

Creating Checklists to Save Time

Creating checklists is one of the simplest systems you can introduce into your business.  They can be as low or high tech as you want, but they will save you a huge amount of time and frustration. You may have … Continue reading

Taming your inner control freak

Taming Your Inner Control Freak

Is trying to control everything getting in the way of you thriving as a complementary practitioner, therapist or coach? My inner control freak Growing up as a perfectionist in a house full of them, there was always a plan.  I … Continue reading

how to take a good profile photo

How to Take a Great Profile Photo

As a complementary practitioner, therapist or coach, you are your brand!  People will make a split-second judgement on you and your services based on your photo, so it’s important it represents you and your brand accurately. With online marketing, you … Continue reading