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how to escape of the comparison trap

How to Escape The Comparison Trap

Have you ever found yourself falling into the comparison trap?  You see how everyone is so much further ahead than you, more sorted, busier, richer, and the list goes on. Constantly comparing yourself to others will stop you in your … Continue reading

why too much learning can be bad

Why Too Much Learning Can Be Bad

I love learning and can happily spend all day soaking up new information.  I read a couple of books a month, listen to podcasts on my travels and I’m a member of online communities with endless courses available.  New and … Continue reading

common marketing mistakes

Common Marketing Mistakes

Made by Complementary Practitioners and Therapists We all make mistakes and there is no perfect way to market your complementary practice or therapy business.  These are a few of the common ones many practitioners make: #1 Not doing any marketing … Continue reading

how to build your willpower

How to Build Your Willpower

Have you noticed some days you have amazing focus whilst others, you just can’t stick to anything? There are times when things seem to just flow, you know what you need to do, and you get on and do it.  … Continue reading