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how to build your willpower

How to Build Your Willpower

Have you noticed some days you have amazing focus whilst others, you just can’t stick to anything? There are times when things seem to just flow, you know what you need to do, and you get on and do it.  … Continue reading

How to Stand Out in Your Local Area

How to Stand Out in Your Local Area

Being visible in your local area will let more people know you exist which equals more potential clients. Are you making the most of the physical space in and around your business to help you stand out? People are busy … Continue reading

How to create an Amazing Slide Presentation

How to create an Amazing Slide Presentation

Presentations are a fantastic tool we can use in our marketing.  Whether you’re creating a workshop, making videos or sharing slides, they’re a versatile option and well worth considering. I’m currently working on a workshop and love playing with anything … Continue reading

paralyzed by too many ideas

Paralyzed by Too Many Ideas?

Imagine when you start working on a new idea in your CAM business, it’s a little acorn. You have to plant it and give it the right environment in order to germinate.  You tend to it – feeding, watering and … Continue reading

what stories are you telling yourself

What Stories are you Telling Yourself?

Do you find building a complementary practice is a struggle?  Are their aspects that aren’t going the way you hoped?  Are you struggling to find enough clients to provide a sustainable income? If you’re struggling anywhere in your business, listen … Continue reading

content creation for a CAM website

Content Creation for a CAM Website

You could argue that everything you do in marketing is creating content of some description.  However, I’m talking specifically about the content created for your website which can then be shared on other platforms.  The main types of content created … Continue reading

how to stop being so busy

How to Stop Being so Busy

Do you ever feel like you’re just too busy?  You get to the point where you just feel frazzled and like you never get time to relax.  You have the to-do list from hell that just keeps growing and you … Continue reading