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finding clients quickly

Finding Clients Quickly for your CAM Practice

When complementary practitioners need to find clients, they often focus their marketing efforts on the wrong strategies.  Many marketing activities take time to deliver results which won’t help if you need to fill your diary now. These strategies are like … Continue reading

how to get stuff done

How to Get Stuff Done

I’ve just finished ‘Finish, Give Yourself the Gift of Done’ by Jon Acuff.  Ironically finishing books is something I’m rather good at.  Sadly, I can’t say this for every project I’ve started. I love starting and planning projects and constantly … Continue reading

supplement your income

Supplement Your Income

You don’t have to provide, produce or create everything you sell to your clients.  You can help your clients by offering them products and services that complement your work.  These can be provided either be by being an affiliate for … Continue reading

how do you know if your marketing is working

How do you Know if Your Marketing is Working?

Marketing is about engaging with people and building relationships.  It works both to maintain the connection with your existing clients and attract new ones. Jumping around from one activity to another will get you nowhere fast.  You will feel frustrated … Continue reading

How to make more of your marketing

How to Make More of Your Marketing

We’re all aware of the environmental issues of rubbish on our planet and the importance of working to reduce waste and recycle where possible.  Upcycling or repurposing items to give them a new lease of life is a great way … Continue reading

creating a word of mouth marketing strategy

Creating a Word of Mouth Marketing Strategy

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies for your complementary practice.  Studies estimate up to 90% of all buying decisions are influenced by word of mouth.  The book ‘Talk Triggers’ by Jay Baer and Daniel … Continue reading