overcoming a scarcity mindset

Overcoming a Scarcity Mindset

Growing up, I remember my parents working ridiculously hard and money was tight.  I believed life was a struggle, money was scarce, and I always had to compromise on what I bought, often going for the cheaper option instead of … Continue reading

messy middle

The Messy Middle

I love the description of being stuck in the ‘messy middle’, it really resonates with me.  And this is where I find myself again, experiencing the messy middle.  Doubts and frustrations bubbling up, constant questioning, and feeling like everything is … Continue reading

taming your inner critic

Taming Your Inner Critic

We all talk to ourselves but the important thing is, what are you saying?  How much of the time are you being kind, compassionate and supportive to yourself? There are times when your inner voice provides a little reality check … Continue reading

genius self sabotaging

Genius Self Sabotaging!

I’ve discovered over the years, I can be a master procrastinator if left unchallenged!  When I had a task that scared me and took me outside of my comfort zone, I got very ‘busy’. I’ve always loved a list and realised … Continue reading

how to make great decisions

How to Make Great Decisions

When it comes to your marketing, how are you at making great decisions for your business?  Is this something you struggle with?  Do you find yourself procrastinating over them? Take the pressure off Not every decision is a ‘forever’ decision … Continue reading

time to let go

Time to Let Go

What do you need to let go of in your in order to give your complementary business the space to flourish? Instead of doing more and more, how about looking at what you’re doing and see what’s essential and what … Continue reading

finding your flow

Finding Your Flow

Life has thrown me a few lemons recently which have been governed by factors outside of my control with the harsh reality of an elderly, ill parent.  Whilst there were many things I couldn’t influence, I did have choices.  I … Continue reading

finding a life you love

Finding a Life You Love

Much of my clinical work is about discovering ‘a life you love’ for each client.  We start with how and why they got stuck in their health and life.  The magical bit is realising what they can do to influence … Continue reading

allowing yourself to receive

Allowing Yourself to Receive

The holiday season is a time for giving and receiving.  It’s not about just focusing on giving to others, but importantly, allowing yourself to receive too.  There is a balance here, if you give – someone is receiving – it’s … Continue reading

how to stop multitasking

How to Stop Multi-tasking

I read a book called ‘The One Thing’ by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan and it provides the inspiration for this article. In years gone by, I used to wear multi-tasking as a badge of pride and I can even … Continue reading