Optimism and Positive Thinking are not Enough

Optimism and Positive Thinking Aren’t Enough

To Build a Successful CAM Business It’s scary how many complementary practitioners and therapists, especially when first qualified rely on pure optimism to get their businesses going.  They start out feeling positive, often setting their intentions with the Universe, and … Continue reading

how to build your willpower

How to Build Your Willpower

Have you noticed some days you have amazing focus whilst others, you just can’t stick to anything? There are times when things seem to just flow, you know what you need to do, and you get on and do it.  … Continue reading

paralyzed by too many ideas

Paralyzed by Too Many Ideas?

Imagine when you start working on a new idea in your CAM business, it’s a little acorn. You have to plant it and give it the right environment in order to germinate.  You tend to it – feeding, watering and … Continue reading

what stories are you telling yourself

What Stories are you Telling Yourself?

Do you find building a complementary practice is a struggle?  Are their aspects that aren’t going the way you hoped?  Are you struggling to find enough clients to provide a sustainable income? If you’re struggling anywhere in your business, listen … Continue reading

finding clarity

Finding Clarity

Working as a coach and a complementary practitioner, I spend my life helping others find clarity in their life and business.  I used to think I had the skills to keep my own life and business on track and know … Continue reading

how to get stuff done

How to Get Stuff Done

I’ve just finished ‘Finish, Give Yourself the Gift of Done’ by Jon Acuff.  Ironically finishing books is something I’m rather good at.  Sadly, I can’t say this for every project I’ve started. I love starting and planning projects and constantly … Continue reading

changing sabotaging habits

Changing Habits That Sabotage Your Success

Our lives are run by our habits.  They affect us as individuals, across groups and cultures.  The ability to run habits automatically reduces the number of decisions we need to make. Unfortunately, there are some habits which will sabotage your … Continue reading

how to find your marketing mojo

How to Find Your Marketing Mojo

When you have your marketing mojo, your work just flows.  You’re generally in a great place and you’ll be attracting clients to your business.  If you lose your mojo, it will affect your confidence, your energy and ultimately your ability … Continue reading