GDPR taking action

GDPR – Taking Action

We’ve looked at what GDPR is and taking stock of the data you hold.  If you missed the first two articles, I recommend you review them before continuing with this one.  Here are the links: GDPR – a simple overview … Continue reading

GDPR taking stock of your data

GDPR – Taking Stock of Your Data

In the last article, I gave you a very simplified overview of GDPR and hopefully you’re feeling more positive about it.  If you haven’t read it, I suggest you start with that one first, read it here . In this post, … Continue reading

GDPR simple overview

GDPR A Simple Overview

Have you started looking at GDPR for your health and wellness business?  Just in case you aren’t familiar with the term GDPR (where have you been hiding?) it stands for General Data Protection Regulation which comes into place on 25th … Continue reading

refresh health and wellness website

Refresh Your Website the Simple Way

Most of us agree that having an online presence is a necessity these days.  The first place I turn to when researching new things is the internet.  My decision to work with someone will be influenced by their website and … Continue reading