Building connections with your story

Building Connections with Your Story

A story is an incredibly powerful way to communicate.  It’s been used throughout history to pass information from generation to generation.  It helps people to understand complex ideas and remember events.  It’s also a brilliant way to breathe life into … Continue reading

how to understand your client experience

How to Understand Your Client Experience

Whatever the service or results you offer your clients, you’re also selling an experience.  It’s someone’s experience with you that gets shared whether they decide to work with you, or not.  These experiences add up and are constantly communicating.  It’s important … Continue reading

what are you waiting for

What Are You Waiting for?

Waiting for something to happen is a great way of procrastinating and keeping yourself stuck.  Then, once the first thing’s achieved, something else quickly replaces it.  Sound familiar?  If you constantly wait for something to happen, you’re sabotaging your chances … Continue reading

building a business with conversations

Building a Business With Conversations

Have you noticed websites often have chat boxes that pop up asking if they can help you? This is called conversational marketing and it’s all about building relationships with customers.  Whilst technology is behind this idea, the simplicity of building … Continue reading

learning with helpful marketing

Learn by Creating Helpful Marketing

Marketing is something many complementary practitioners try and avoid at all costs.  How about using marketing help you improve your skills and knowledge as a practitioner? The key is finding topics which assist you to become a better practitioner, ideally … Continue reading

creating a marketing message

Creating a Marketing Message

Having a clear marketing message makes it easy for people to understand who you help and how you help them.  So often complementary practitioners try to describe their discipline.  Although you totally understand what you do, often the person you’re … Continue reading