Building Connections with Your Story

Building connections with your story

A story is an incredibly powerful way to communicate.  It’s been used throughout history to pass information from generation to generation.  It helps people to understand complex ideas and remember events.  It’s also a brilliant way to breathe life into your marketing and connect to the people you want to help.

Keeping hidden

Do you compare yourself to the successful practitioners you aspire to be like?  You may assume, if this person is successful, then I need to do what they do.  Before long, you find yourself adopting their style and lose sight of yourself.  Check out my article on the comparison trap for more on this topic.

In a world where there is so much noise, the way you stand out is to be more of yourself.  Yes, it can be scary, but it’s the way to really connect with the people you want to help.

When I first worked as a practitioner, my bio was very factual describing how I changed career because I wanted to make a difference blah, blah, blah.  Whilst this was true, there was nothing that connected me emotionally to the reader.  It was what I thought people wanted to hear, but I was very wrong.

I realised I was hiding so I started to tell my story of why I originally trained as a practitioner.  I allowed myself to be vulnerable and shared how I’d dealt with my life sabotaging demons of perfection and low self-esteem.  It was scary to admit my ‘faults’ but this was a huge turning point for me.  I’d finally accepted: I’m only human, and I’m enough.


Start to notice the stories you’re telling yourself.  Continuing to believe these will keep you stuck.  For years I thought I was boring, and this fear kept me hidden.  Gary (my husband) calls me ‘Captain Sensible’ which fits perfectly with how I show up in the world, so I decided to own it.  I realised my clients are attracted to me because I’m level-headed, trustworthy and organised!  If they wanted a flighty innovator, they’d find someone else.

Start to think about the qualities which attract people to you.  What common themes run through your story?   What are you always being asked to help with?  A great way to identify your highest values is reading ‘How the World Sees You’ by Sally Hogshead.

Let your story evolve

When looking for help, people don’t just want to read theory, they want to connect.  Your story will help them to understand and trust who you are as a person and as a practitioner.  When you connect to your audience with your story, people will get it!

Start by spending a few minutes just downloading your story without thinking about it.  You can start to refine it later but start by getting it out of your head.  Your story will continuously evolve and that’s OK.  We’re all work in progress and in a different season of our life and business.

Once you start sharing your story, you identify which aspects resonate with your favourite clients.  Take these elements and weave them into your marketing.  There will be longer and shorter versions, but they will all be sharing the same theme.

Marketing gets easier

Once you get comfortable with your story and your qualities, you start to peel away the mask.  Being yourself and owning your story will make your marketing so much simpler.  You’re not constantly second-guessing what you should say, you answer as you.

Connection and relationships

People want to work with real people, it’s all about connecting and relationships.  By sharing your story, you will start to attract the clients who totally get you and repel the ones you really shouldn’t be working with.

Knowing a person is like music.  What attracts us is their melody and as we get to know who they are, we learn their lyrics.  Unknown

If you’re struggling to write your story, contact me to find out how I can help you.