Building a Business With Conversations

Have you noticed websites often have chat boxes that pop up asking if they can help you? This is called conversational marketing and it’s all about building relationships with customers.  Whilst technology is behind this idea, the simplicity of building your business through the power of conversations is a very effective marketing strategy.

Many practitioners are overwhelmed by marketing and everything they ‘think’ they should be doing.  When marketing is too structured and scheduled, it can appear cold and impersonal and won’t attract clients.  Whilst you absolutely need to be visible and make offers, it’s easier to do it one conversation at a time.

building a business with conversations

Building your business this way allows you to really get to know your clients.  It also allows them to understand how you can help them and to build a solid, trusting relationship.

This one to one approach will help you learn about your clients and build a better experience for them in the long term.

Be human

As humans, we have a basic desire to connect with each other.  We are strong when we have a community where we feel supported and heard.

Using conversations as a way of marketing yourself will allow people to experience the real you and be attracted (or not, but that’s OK) to the natural, authentic you.  It’s such a simple but very powerful strategy and just requires you to be you!

Be helpful

As a practitioner of complementary and alternative medicine, you want to help people.  It’s what you do!  Allowing yourself to have useful conversations, sharing how you help your clients is gold for your business.

Don’t go into every conversation looking for clients although you need to make sure you can articulate simply what you do and who you help.  For more information on creating your message, read my article here.

Get chatting

Take time to talk to people whether it’s chatting to a shop assistant or at a conference.  Be interested in what they say rather than trying to make yourself interesting.  Your opportunity to share what you do will come and you’ll learn loads by just listening.

Respond to comments

Conversations can happen in many different formats from online, to in person.  Make sure if you are posting anything online, you respond to comments, just as you would in person.  This will not only help your profile, but it will also assist in building relationships.

Time is of the essence and people expect to get their questions answered quickly.  Speedy replies to emails and other communications will work in your favour.  If you aren’t available to reply, let people know when to expect a response to avoid disappointment.

It’s interesting that many bigger companies are adopting conversational marketing as they realise connection is a really great way to improve their sales.  Answering questions, listening to feedback and finding new ways to solve problems comes from having real conversations.

If you want to add having conversations to your marketing, contact me to find out how I can help you.