How to Build a Healthy Money Mindset

Are you a practitioner or therapist who hates charging for your services?

Do you give away far too much of your precious time and experience for free? 

Are you desperate to find your next client, hoping, and waiting for the phone to ring?

If you do any of the above, you may find this topic a little uncomfortable, but it is a very important one – money (yes I said MONEY).  In today’s society, we need money to pay our bills and feed our family and one way to ensure this happens is to grow a thriving business.

money mindset

Where is your money mindset getting in the way of your business thriving?

You hate charging

Take a minute and really think about exactly what it is about the transaction of charging that you hate so much.

By understanding exactly which point is the most uncomfortable, you can start to work out strategies that will help you address this such as:

You give away too many freebies

If you are giving too much away, you are not valuing yourself or what you offer your clients.

Yes, you need to build relationships and market yourself and there certainly is a place for free consultations, but this should be part of your marketing strategy and not just something you do.

For example, if you are starting out and need to get experience and testimonials, you can offer free session(s) based on the agreement that the client will provide you with a testimonial.  If you need to qualify clients for your services, you can provide a free coaching call to ensure you are a good fit for each other.  These are great reasons to give away freebies.

It’s when you give away your time because you think it is what you ‘should do’.  I have come across practitioners who offer lifetime phone support at no extra cost – seriously!!??  At what point are they valuing their knowledge, training, time, etc.?

There is also the argument that people don’t always respect ‘free’.  Clients either don’t do the work involved or fail to show up for their appointment.

I give a free monthly talk as part of my marketing strategy as a practitioner.  Although it is worthwhile to my practice in introducing new clients, we still probably have a 30-40% no-show rate for those who have booked a place.  This is a classic example of people not valuing a free session.


If you feel desperate to find clients, or worried about your finances and struggle to meet your bills, you are going to be sending out scary, desperate signals.

You’ll also end up taking on clients who aren’t right for you because you need the money.  This in the long term is a disaster and won’t do either of you any good.

Work out a strategy of how you can support yourself until your practice is up and running. If necessary, like do some part-time work to take the pressure off.  This will buy you some breathing space and stop you from coming across as desperate.

How to address your money mindset challenges:

Value your services

Start by learning to value your services.  Really understand how you help your clients and what difference that makes to their health and life.  What is that worth to them?

Surround yourself with evidence of the great job you do by putting up feedback from clients where you can see it.  You can also add in a few inspirational quotes or statements to help reinforce how you want to feel around the topic of money and thriving.

Limiting beliefs

Challenge any beliefs or blocks around money that are holding you back.  Remember – you DESERVE to thrive!  This will allow you to show up as the best version of ‘you’ for your clients and enable you to help them to the best of your abilities.

As you go about your day, make a note of any beliefs or feelings that you have around money that aren’t useful to you.  If you have the skills in your own personal development toolkit – it’s time to practice what you preach.  Or find a practitioner to help you work through this – it will change your business dramatically.

Analyse your prices

Work out your pricing properly!  Make sure you know what it costs to see a client, your business overheads (the expenses that are set whether you see anyone or not) as well as what you need to earn personally to live.  Read this article on pricing.

Reference list of prices

Write down your prices and keep copies in places you will have conversations with clients, e.g. by your computer and telephone, in your consulting room and in your bag.  When you are asked, you are simply reading a number without having to search for it internally.  A great way to improve your confidence is to keep reading it out loud to yourself until you are comfortable saying the figures.

Don’t apologise

Stop apologising for charging people!  Even if you don’t use the word ‘sorry’ but aren’t confident about saying what you charge, you will come across as apologetic.

Instead, view it as a transaction you are providing X service and in return, you get Y payment.  It is a simple equation.

Once you are feeling secure and can confidentially pay your bills, you can then look at how you can give back to others.  Once you are in this position, you can support charities or those less fortunate in your community, whether that is with time or money.

If you struggle with your money mindset, contact me for a chat to see how I can help you.

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