Bright Shiny Marketing Syndrome

Do any of the following resonate with you and your relationship with marketing?

Jumping around like this is getting you nowhere fast.  It’s eating up your time, energy and money and you’re still left struggling for clients.

We’ve all been there!  I’ve bought courses where I’m convinced they will be the ‘answer’ and got bored half way through, or not even started them.

bright shiny marketing syndrome

You are the victim of shiny marketing syndrome!  It’s being marketing magpie, collecting anything shiny and new.  Before long, frustration sneaks in and you fall out of love with marketing.  Even worse, you fall out of love with your business.  I’ve had people want to throw in the towel because even though they’ve tried really, really hard, they still aren’t getting any clients.

When it comes to marketing, there are usually two camps:

Which camp are you in?

If you don’t have any clients, I’d guess that it’s the first one.

Start with the fundamentals

It isn’t the end of the world and it can be fixed but you need to start with the fundamentals:

Focus and consistency

If you have been doing some marketing, look at which methods worked best and do more of those.  If nothing worked or you’re just getting started, pick two or three strategies (no more) appropriate for you and your audience.

Don’t even try and do everything at once, you will be setting yourself up to fail.  The key to marketing yourself well is being consistent.  Once you’re in your stride, you can add in others.

Many marketing strategies are a long game and you probably won’t get results straight away.  Doing things that take time to develop is good for building a sustainable business.  You will need to do them consistently for a period of time before knowing if they are working or not.  Just doing something once or twice isn’t enough.

I’ve blogged on and off for the last few years but this year, I made a commitment to myself to be consistent.  It took six months of weekly posts before I finally started ranking on page one of Google.

If you don’t have time to build your marketing machine and need clients quickly, look at strategies like reaching out to your network.  You are much more likely to get clients from people you are already connected with than starting from scratch.  I would also start working on a longer game strategy like online marketing as a second option to help your business become sustainable.

Once you’ve decided your approach, stop doing the other things that are distracting you.  Now focus and start being consistent with really helpful marketing.  Book time to do your marketing in your diary to help you keep going.

Do more of what works and drop the rest

Once you have been marketing yourself consistently, reflect on what’s working.  Every time you get a new client, ask them how they heard about you.  Ramp up the things that are working and drop the things that aren’t.

Keep things simple, the more you try and juggle, the more you will struggle to keep up with everything.  As a practitioner, I keep my marketing very simple, I write one newsletter a month and the content gets re-used on the website.  I do a monthly talk which when I started a few years ago, I may only have one person attend, now I regularly get a dozen each month.

If you want to stop jumping from one shiny marketing object to another, contact me to find out how I can help you.

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