Podcast 30: Why do You Need a Holistic Business Recipe?

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Holistic Business Recipe

Marketing and business have a bad reputation with many therapists, coaches, and holistic health professionals.  I know many of my clients feel it’s some sort of dark art and shy away from it.  Online marketers making promises of building 6 figure businesses in 6 weeks – it’s total BS.

Get rich quick schemes and blueprints may work for the creator, but it doesn’t mean they’ll work for you.  The designer may have found their way of building a successful business, but there’s no “one size fits all” approach.

What works for you will be completely different from what works for me, or the online expert claiming to have “the answer”.  The constant barrage of “work longer, work harder, work faster, work better” just leads to frustration, disappointment, and forgotten dreams.

Unfortunately, practitioners often get disheartened when they can’t achieve the promised results or stick to the dictated routines after buying into the promise of overnight success.

To flourish as a practitioner and help those clients who are waiting for your unique approach, you must let them you’re there.  Trying to follow yet another system, will just leave you floundering.

Your Holistic Business Recipe

Instead of trying to conform to someone else’s formula, create your own recipe.  One that works to your strengths, your values, and available resources.

You’re more likely to do the work because it’s tailored to you, and therefore, ultimately succeed. This is your business and you’re at the heart of it.

From the book…

This is a little excerpt from the section on creating your marketing recipes:

Imagine you are throwing a dinner party; your guests are your focus when it comes to picking a menu.  Your menu will comprise a few different dishes and you want your guests to leave the party feeling satisfied and happy.  Whilst you are looking to please your guests with your food, the recipes you cook will be based on your skills in the kitchen, your tastes, and the availability of ingredients. 

Having a menu and following a recipe helps you to keep on track when you are creating your feast and ensures you have the right ingredients available and do the right things in the right order. Once you start cooking you get creative and tweak the recipes as you go to make them just right.  You may even swap one ingredient for another when you realise it does not quite work, this is just part of the process.

You follow the same process when you create your marketing plans, only without the food!  To start with, we will create a simple overview plan for your year ahead outlining what you need to do to achieve your goals. This is your menu and includes the products and services you offer your clients. We will then select the marketing strategies (recipes) to suit you and your resources (ingredients) and formulate it in a way you can follow (steps) and replicate as required. Over time you will adjust and change recipes and ingredients to suit you, but you will have a plan and know what you are aiming to achieve and the steps to take.

Picking the right ingredients

Successful practitioners have a clear way to attract clients, build strong relationships, and have a simple way to deliver their products and services.

There are literally hundreds of ways you can market yourself and your services, but you can’t do them all.  This is a big mistake many practitioners make, trying to do everything and be everywhere.  They think they should do the same as their peers and other practitioners out there when it just won’t work for them.

Like you would when learning to cook, keep your marketing simple to start with.  As you build your confidence, you’ll begin experimenting and developing new and improved recipes.  You’ll start to discover what works to attract and support your clients and importantly what you enjoy doing most.

Are you prepared to do the work?

Creating your own way to attract clients that works to your strengths, values and available resources are at the core of creating a sustainable business.  There absolutely is work to do and there will be times when you feel well and truly out of your comfort zone.  But imagine the reward of being able to do the work you love having built a sustainable business you’re proud of.  It is possible with the right recipe.


Your Holistic Business Recipe

A handbook created for CAM professionals who want to build a thriving, sustainable practice, their way.  Whether they are new or struggling, many find marketing and running a business overwhelming.  This book simplifies the process of business and marketing and supports practitioners in making the right choices for themselves.

Order your copy here.

Podcast 30 show notes:

  • 02:44 Your Holistic Business Recipe
  • 04:00 Excerpt from the book
  • 06:07 Picking the right ingredients
  • 08:04 Are you prepared to do the work?
  • 09:02 New book launch

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