Podcast 61: Is Too Much Competition Stopping You From Finding Clients?

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Too Much Competition Stopping You Finding Clients

Are you worried about the amount of competition out there, and the effect it’s having on you finding clients?

Do you feel there are too many practitioners who provide the same service as you?  Maybe you think there are too many alternative options available for prospective clients?

This is a complaint I often hear from practitioners.  They feel discouraged and frustrated because there are so many other practitioners competing for new clients.  This knocks their confidence and they end up feeling like they’ll never be able to earn a living doing the work they love.

Why competition is good

If there are other practitioners successfully offering a solution to the same problems as you, it’s a good thing!  This shows that you’re solving a problem that people need help with.  And importantly, that they’re willing to pay for help – it means your business is viable.

Don’t let the excuse that there is too much competition stop you from succeeding.  Instead, focus on why you’re the best choice for your clients.  You are your business, and you are unique.  No one else can do what you do, in the special way you do it.

Marketing will help you stand out

It’s true, there are many, many different approaches and disciplines available. But there’s one thing many have in common, they don’t stand out!  They just aren’t visible.

So many of the practitioners you view as competition, ignore marketing.  They don’t build their profile to attract the right clients, many waiting in hope that the phone will ring.  The only reason they stand out to you is, that you’re consciously looking for, and therefore, noticing them.

Marketing is where you need to focus your efforts and educating people on what you offer.  You need to be clearly communicating who you help, the problems you solve, and the results you help people achieve.  Ultimately, you need to make yourself very interesting to people who could be your ideal client.

The job of your marketing is to educate.  Be helpful and generous with the information you provide, share your values and allow your personality and expertise to shine through.  The clients who are right for you will be attracted to you, and how you can help them.

Review your current marketing activities

Start by reviewing the marketing you’re currently doing:

  • Do you know who you’re marketing to?
  • Do you have a consistent, clear message?
  • Are you being consistent with your marketing activities?
  • Is your audience engaging with your marketing?
  • Do you have a simple plan of action?

Marketing is all about connection

There is no one size fits all so it’s best to pick activities that work to your strengths as you are more likely to be consistent with it.  Ultimately it’s about building relationships and connecting with your audience and consistently showing up will help you achieve this.

If you’re comfortable doing live or recorded videos, they’re an incredibly powerful way for people to get to know you.  It helps people understand you and your approach and will help you to stand out online.

Podcasts were brilliant for me when I was building my practice years ago.  Even though the series stopped over 5 years ago, I still get clients who discover me from listening to the library of recordings.

Are you a budding artist or writer, these are other great ways to help people to discover more about you and decide if you are the right person to help them.

Pick activities that play to your strengths and help you to connect with the people who are your ideal clients.

Stay in your lane

Whilst you can check out what your “competition” is doing – don’t get sidetracked thinking you should be doing the same.  You have no idea if it’s even working for them.

There are so many people out there who could benefit from your help and don’t even know you exist.  It’s time to stop blaming the amount of competition and start focusing on what you can directly influence – your own business.

The work you do fits brilliantly with the movement towards self-care and people taking responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

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Podcast 61 show notes:

  • (02:05) Why competition is good
  • (03:28) Marketing will help you stand out
  • (05:17) Review your current marketing
  • (07:10) Marketing is all about connection
  • (09:36) Stay in your lane

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