Podcast 68: Where to Start with Social Media to Find Clients

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Where to Start with Social Media

This week on Holistic Business Matters, I’m joined by Megan Kuhar, host of the podcast Creative Brand Sessions. 

Megan is a coach who empowers soul-centred entrepreneurs to step into their true potential and make an impact with their brand and business online. Her coaching is grounded in the belief that anyone can stay authentic and aligned while also employing savvy and accessible marketing strategies, using social media, web design, and technology.

We had a chat about how to use social media effectively for your holistic business.

The biggest mistake with social media

People often feel they must change to promote themselves: a mindset mistake. 

To be authentic, you need to harness yourself and speak as you would to a friend. 

Trying to change yourself for social media often ends up with you going down a rabbit hole - what you’re saying doesn’t feel right.  It also won't authentically represent you and the work you do.

Where to start with social media

Ask yourself “what do I want my impact to be?” and “how can I make that impact over, and over again?”.

Social media platforms are about connecting with people rather than selling to them.  You want your potential clients to read your posts and think “they really get me”, or “I’ve been through similar”, so sharing your experiences is a great way to start.

Think about what your potential client needs to hear.  You need to be consistent with your message - people need to hear the same thing multiple times before they’ll decide to work with you. 

Being consistent and regularly getting your message out doesn’t mean you have to be on social media all the time.  Have a plan, so you know what and when you’re going to post.  Planning your content will make it more authentic and will stop you from panic posting.

Picking a social media platform

Pick a platform that you enjoy posting on, one that you think will be the most fun for you.  There’s no point in picking a platform because you think you should because you’ll hate it. 

Once you have your chosen platform, find a place where your clients hang out such as a Facebook group or on Instagram and start having conversations - hopefully, they’ll then join your audience.

Have consistent branding

Be consistent with your branding, pick a couple of colours and fonts that you use all the time - it will help people recognise you.  Often people scroll so fast through social media feeds that they don’t read who posts are from. 

Having a consistent ‘look’ means people will start to identify your posts, even if they don’t read them all. 

Canva is a brilliant package to help you achieve this.  It provides you with templates that you can reuse over and over, so you don’t have to start from scratch each time.

What to talk about on social media

Megan has developed a product called ‘The Content Alignment Toolkit’.  The toolkit helps you break down your business into pillars or categories.  It basically provides a series of prompts to help you produce impactful, logical content so you always know what you are going to talk about.

Megan recommends finding four topics related to your business that you can continuously talk about. 

It’s also important to be personal and share stories about your own experiences in life.  Try and share experiences that have lessons in them.  It’s a great way to build connections with people and blend the professional with personal.  People don’t want you to be this stark professional that they can’t relate to.

It's really important to have boundaries around what you are sharing on social media.  Sharing a painful experience whilst you are still working through it, isn’t a good idea - it could sound like a cry for help from you.  Discuss it, once you’ve worked through it, as you can share your lessons learnt from it.

Don’t be afraid to share information on a subject you feel everyone is posting about.  It will be in your voice, with your perspective and it will resonate with someone who really needs to hear it.

Podcast 68 show notes:

  • (04.14) What is the biggest mistake people make with social media?
  • (06.40) How do you start out on social media if you’re new to it?
  • (11.12) Picking a social media platform
  • (16.55) What to talk about on social media

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