how to find your marketing mojo

How to Find Your Marketing Mojo

When you have your marketing mojo, your work just flows.  You’re generally in a great place and you’ll be attracting clients to your business.  If you lose your mojo, it will affect your confidence, your energy and ultimately your ability … Continue reading

google my business page for CAM practitioners

Create Your Google My Business Page

If you run a complementary practice where you see clients in person, you qualify to have a free Google My Business (GMB) page.  Whether you have a website or not, increase your online presence by setting yours up today. GMB … Continue reading

picking a theme for your year

Picking a Theme for Your Year

Each time we approach January, there’s pressure to set New Year’s resolutions.  Most are around changing habits and work-related ones could include: I will go networking every month, I will take lunch breaks every day, I will declutter my workspace, … Continue reading

wrapping up your year

Wrapping Up Your Year

It’s scary to think we’re nearly at the end of the year.  If like me you feel it went by in a flash, how about taking some time out to reflect on your year as a complementary practitioner? When you … Continue reading

3 helpful books to inspire you

3 Helpful Books to Inspire You

I discovered my love of reading quite late in life.  I was never a bookworm at school, for me reading was a necessary evil.  Even when I returned to my studies as an adult, it was something I did but … Continue reading

Setting your goals in motion

Setting Your Goals in Motion

The last article was all about setting your goals (read it here), you now need to set them in motion. Download your ideas Working on one goal at a time, create a mind map or lists on a sheet of … Continue reading

this time next year

This Time Next Year…

Where do you want your complementary practice to be this time next year? Have you found yourself floating along from one day to the next with no real sense of direction?  It’s so easy to get caught up in the … Continue reading