content creation for a CAM website

Content Creation for a CAM Website

You could argue that everything you do in marketing is creating content of some description.  However, I’m talking specifically about the content created for your website which can then be shared on other platforms.  The main types of content created … Continue reading

how to stop being so busy

How to Stop Being so Busy

Do you ever feel like you’re just too busy?  You get to the point where you just feel frazzled and like you never get time to relax.  You have the to-do list from hell that just keeps growing and you … Continue reading

how to raise your local profile

How to Raise Your Local Profile

It is important to build your profile locally if you want a thriving practice in your community.  Connecting with local people and getting your face known will help to build your profile and grow your business. There are ways you … Continue reading

getting pr for a complementary practice

Getting PR for a Complementary Practice

Public relations (PR) is an effective way of marketing your business.   It’s a great option as it’s effectively free advertising and if you do your own, costs just your time.  PR done well will provide you with credibility and help … Continue reading

generalist complementary practitioner

Working as a Generalist Complementary Practitioner

New practitioners often start out working as generalists while they find their niche.  Being a generalist can work if you’re already established and successful.  Many practitioners argue to work as generalists but unfortunately, it’s often not the best long-term strategy. … Continue reading

finding clarity

Finding Clarity

Working as a coach and a complementary practitioner, I spend my life helping others find clarity in their life and business.  I used to think I had the skills to keep my own life and business on track and know … Continue reading

surveys and polls for marketing

The Power of Surveys and Polls for Marketing

Online marketers are using polls and surveys to help them engage with their audiences.  Polls tend to be one simple question and take seconds to respond to.  Surveys generally have more questions and will provide more detailed results. The information … Continue reading