Podcast 69: Limiting Beliefs Will Stop You Finding Clients

finding clients mindset podcast Jun 10, 2021
Limiting Beliefs Will Stop You Finding Clients

We gather our beliefs from all areas of our life and work including from our family, our culture, our peers, our environment, etc.  They help us make sense of our experiences and navigate the world, and we store them as our personal facts. 

Limiting beliefs about your ability to be successful will stop you from finding clients and building a sustainable holistic business.  A few examples include:

  • I don’t have the training/experience to build a business
  • There is too much competition
  • I’m never going to be able to earn a living as a practitioner
  • Money isn’t important, I just want to help people
  • I can’t be successful
  • People won’t pay for what I have to offer
  • I’m a private person, I can’t put myself out there and tell people what I do
  • I’m a total failure
  • I'm no good at selling or marketing myself

Listen in on the stories you’re telling yourself about your business and your ability to succeed.  These stories are reinforcing the limiting beliefs that are getting in your way and keeping you stuck.  You’ll unconsciously start looking for evidence to back them up - guess what, you’ll find it!

For example, if you don’t believe you can be successful, you’ll notice all the areas of your life where you feel you’re failing.  This won’t be limited to your business, it could include your diet, your bank account, your wardrobe, basically anything that signifies success to you.

You’ll notice other practitioners and make assumptions about how they’re doing.  You start to compare yourself to them and jump to the conclusion that they’re doing so much better than you.  This then feeds back into the story that you will never be successful and around you go again.

Identify the stories

Start by identifying the stories you’re telling yourself about your ability to succeed.  You may find you’ve been telling yourself about the stories for so long you don’t even recognise them as stories at first.  They’ll just pop up in your thoughts and you’ll accept them as facts.

Write down the stories to get them out of your head – a great idea is to take some time out in a different environment to think about this.  If that’s not possible, keep a paper and pen next to you and jot them down as you go throughout your day.

Look at them objectively and decide if they are facts – something that can be researched and verified.  If not, it’s a limiting belief or opinion that’s limiting you and stopping you from succeeding. 

Ask yourself "is this useful?" because if it's limiting you, if it's destructive or negative, it will sabotage your success.

Consider what life and your business will look like if you continue to believe this.  How does it serve you in the future?  Does it lead you towards your vision for your business?  If you don't have a vision, check out podcast 47 - creating your vision for your holistic business.

Recognising these as limiting beliefs will start to reduce their hold and by changing the stories, you’ll free yourself up to move forward again.

What’s your new story?

Decide what you want your new story to be for each of your limiting beliefs.  How can you change your story to make it empowering?  What needs to appear in your new story to help you get on track to create the business you want?

For example, you may decide your new story is, it’s possible for you to succeed and build a sustainable, thriving practice.  

Supporting your new story

Display your new empowering story (or an image that represents it) somewhere you see it a lot to constantly reinforce it.

Affirm your new story to yourself regularly, make it part of your daily routines to tell yourself your new story.  Actively look for evidence to support your new story and celebrate anything that you achieve which takes you a step closer to it.

Anytime you hear yourself repeating your old story, literally tell yourself to stop and replace it with the new one.  Your brain is used to running the old story, so it needs to be reminded consistently until it starts to automatically run the new one.

Spend five minutes each day visualising how your business and life will be with your new stories working for you.  What are you doing?  How are you helping your clients?  How great do you feel?  Visualising it will help to stabilise your new belief and support you to move forward in your business.

If you have a preferred personal development technique, use it to work to create your new belief, do whatever it takes to update them to ones that support you to create your thriving, sustainable holistic business.

Take action

Whilst it is great to set up your new story using affirmations and visualisation, action will cement it further.  Your new story may not bring an abundance overnight, new opportunities will start to present themselves.  Take a step towards it each day and before you know it the new story will soon become your new reality. 

What are you going to do today to act on your new story?

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Podcast 69 show notes:

  • (03:35) Identify the stories you tell yourself
  • (06:31) What's your new story?
  • (07:26) Supporting your new story
  • (09:48) Take action

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