Podcast 84: Intuitive Marketing for Your Holistic Business

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Intuitive Marketing for Your Holistic Business

As a practitioner, do you use your intuition to enhance your client work? 

Do you also use your intuition when it comes to picking your marketing activities for your holistic business? 

Good marketing doesn’t have to be all logic and data-driven, or following a particular system.  You can create a very personal approach based on your intuition that will help you stand out, and importantly, it will feel right.

I see my intuition as my ability to have an insight into what is happening, or what’s right for me without any specific reasoning or analysis.  It’s how I understand something in my gut and helps me to make sense of my choices.  It’s my wise inner voice that guides me, even if the idea doesn’t always make complete sense to others.

The times I’ve ignored my intuition in my business have left me feeling unsettled and left me bouncing around from idea to idea.

This happened when I first started my business - I listened to too many opinions about what I should do.  I ignored my gut and followed the experienced logic of my then mentors.  This resulted in me feeling stuck and drifting along because it wasn't the right path for me.

Once I stopped seeking reassurance, got out of my own way and started to market myself in a way that felt right and was authentic to me, things started to happen.

Intuitive marketing isn’t giving you permission to not do any marketing, it means using your intuition to help you choose the right path.  You then have to dance along with it, in your favourite sparkly shoes!

Here’s how you can tap into intuitive marketing:

Recognise your intuition at work

Note down the times when you have gone with your gut feeling, and what happened.  Also, note down those times when you have overridden it, and what happened then.

The times you share don't have to just be about your business, you're looking for times when your intuition showed up.  This exercise will help you notice how often it's assisted you (or tried to) in making the right decisions for yourself.

It’s evidence of your intuition in action and will reinforce your ability to make good choices when you're questioning yourself.  The more you practice, the more evidence you will collect, and the better you will be able to trust your intuition.

Tuning into your intuition

We all know our best ideas arrive when we’re walking the dog or taking a shower.  These are the times when we’re present and have space to ponder, rather than being overwhelmed by busyness and distractions.

Take time to notice when and how your intuition shows up for you.  What is the reaction you feel in your body when you know something is totally right, or wrong for you? This will help you to quickly recognise when your intuition is at work so you can tune into it in the future.

Build more of the time and space where your intuition thrives into your daily routines to increase the opportunity for it to communicate with you.

Time out to clear your head

If you have a challenging decision to make and find yourself going around in circles, take some time out and move away from the challenge.  Give yourself space to breathe and do something completely different.  This will help you to clear your head so you can once again tune into your intuition.

Be honest with yourself

If you’re still going around in circles, consider your thoughts logically and the stories you're telling yourself.  Reflect on what is happening to help you understand why you’re getting stuck – ask yourself:

  • What’s really going on here?
  • What assumptions am I making?
  • Why am I avoiding making a decision?

Maybe you’re torn between what you feel is right for you, and what you think you “should do”, “have to do”, “need to do”, “must do”.  There are often rules and beliefs at play that we’ve collected through life that stop us from listening to our intuition.  They show up in the language you use and the stories you tell yourself.

If you catch yourself saying any of them, check in and ask yourself why?  And, according to who? This will help you get clarity over the situation.

Make a decision

Making a decision is better than making no decision as it will stop you from procrastinating.  Decisions are rarely forever, but at least by making one, you can start to move forward with your holistic business.

Give yourself a time limit and then make your decision - it is amazing how much headspace this alone will free up.

Using intuition in your marketing

You still need to market your business and let people know how you can help them.  There will be times where it takes you totally outside your comfort zone, even if it feels right, but recognise it's all part of the growth process.

When you're considering your options for marketing, start to work out if something feels right for you.  Does it represent you in the right way? Does it match with your values and how you want to be perceived?

There are lots of different systems out there that absolutely work, but it doesn’t mean they're right for you.  There's no one size fits all strategy and if you try and implement something that doesn’t feel right, you'll struggle.

If the idea of creating marketing that feels good resonates with you, I can help.  I specialise in helping holistic business owners find clients and thrive based on them, their strengths, available resources, and the people they help. Book a discovery call today for a chat to find out how I can help you.

Podcast 84 show notes:

  • (0:4:17) Recognise your intuition at work
  • (05:20) Tuning into your intuition
  • (06:36) Time out to clear your head
  • (07:14) Be honest with yourself
  • (09:09) Make a decision
  • (10:00) Using intuition in your marketing

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