Podcast 71: How to Review and Refocus Your Holistic Business

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How to Review and Refocus Your Holistic Business

The first half of this year has flown by in a flash and for most, it’s been a rollercoaster!  As we’re just about to start the second half, it’s time to review and refocus your business to ensure you have a brilliant second half of the year.

Do you actually know how well (or not) your business has done so far this year?  If the answer is no, you’re not alone!  It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day running of things, you lose sight of what you wanted to achieve.  It’s time to stop and re-align yourself and your business to end the year on a high.

Take time out

Book a half-day in your diary and if possible, away from your normal environment and the usual interruptions.  You want the time and space to review where you are and think about the rest of your year.  Make sure you have all the information you need to hand, when you do this exercise, so your decisions are based on facts.

You will need a copy of your vision, plan and goals (if you have them), the services and products you offer, and any numbers you have for your business. 

Reality check

Work out what have you achieved so far this year and take a little time to celebrate and acknowledge them – they’re often overlooked, especially when things get busy.

Are your goals for this year still relevant for you and your business, or have things changed?  Do you see enough clients in order to cover your bills and pay yourself?  Are you working the hours that work for you and your family?  Are you helping clients in the way you want to and does it work for your business and future?

Note down how things are actually working right now and notice where the gaps are. 


What needs improving or adapting to help you create the business you want for the future?

This can be in any area of your business and a few small changes can make a huge impact and save you time and money.  You may find some systems have gotten overly complicated or you’re spending time on marketing activities that aren’t achieving any results. 

If things are no longer serving you, it’s time to stop.  Make sure everything you do has a reason and makes sense to your business, rather than being something you think you should do.

Podcast 56 – always ask “why?” when picking marketing activities will help you here.

Review your clients

Who were your favourite clients to work with and where you felt you did your best work?  Is there something else you can offer them to add even more value to your services?  Were there any challenges you can learn from to make your business run smoother in the future? 

While you’re looking at your clients, are there any who aren’t a good fit for you?  These clients will take up time and energy that you could be spending with your favourite clients so it’s time to let them go.

If you need to boost your bookings, start with your existing clients and contact them for an update.  Who can you contact who may need your help in the near future?  Who have you received enquiries from who are yet to book an appointment? 

Following up on this group is a great way to generate business – podcast 18, the fastest way to find clients will help you with this.

Pick your project

What is the one big project that will make the most difference to your business now?  If you’re anything like me, you have numerous projects you’d love to achieve in the next six months. 

Whiles you may have good intentions, trying to do them all will end in nothing being finished!  Focus is your superpower for the rest of this year - pick one big project and work on that.  If you finish it early, you can always do another, but start by finishing one and getting it out into the world.

Plan of action

Create a plan to help you achieve your goals for the rest of the year.  Start by working out everything you need to do.  Then break the list down into what needs to get done in the next 90-days. 

Having 90-day goals is a great way to be super focussed and productive – it’s enough time to get work done but you can see the endpoint to keep you focussed.

Then break this down into smaller monthly goals and then into weekly actions.  This chunks the goals down into achievable steps instead of being big scary goals.

Now book time in your diary to make sure you have the space to make them happen.  Schedule time between your clinical and admin work making sure you build in downtime too.  Getting organised and having a solid plan of action for the rest of the year will help you have an amazing end to the year.

As you start to get to the end of the first 90-days, review where you are and set your final 90-day goals for this year.  Podcast 20 – the power of setting 90-day goals will help you.

This is your opportunity to make sure the end of the year goes brilliantly for you and your holistic business.  It’s time to take stock of where you are so you can have a proper plan to move forward.

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Podcast 71 show notes:

  • (01:53) Take time out
  • (02:47) Reality check
  • (04:26) Streamline
  • (05:39) Review your clients
  • (07:10) Pick your project
  • (08:02) Plan of action

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