Podcast 67: How to Create a Buzz for Your Local Holistic Business

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How to Create a Buzz for Your Local Holistic Business

We’re slowly moving back to being able to work in person again although with restrictions. For some of us, the way we help our clients will never be the same, for others, they’ve eagerly awaited getting back to working in person again.

Working in person is accompanied by rules and regulations to navigate and you’ll need to step up your marketing efforts to bring clients back to your door.

This week I thought it would be great to look at how to build a buzz and so you stand out in your local area. Being visible will remind people you exist, which equals more potential clients coming to see you.


Your branding isn’t just your logo, it’s the perception and expectations people have about you and your services. Whilst you can’t change someone’s perception, you can influence it by having a consistent look and feel about everything you do including your logo, colours and chosen fonts.

These should then be reflected in your leaflets, social media posts, profile photos and the way you decorate and accessorise your rooms.

Review your current branding, is there a consistent look and feel to it? Do you have a strong identity that someone would recognise as you? Does your branding reflect the quality of the service you provide?

These blogs and podcasts will help if your brand needs a little tidying up:

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Podcast 64: how to position your holistic business

As a practitioner, you are your brand, so you need to own it and embody it. Are you known for a certain sense of dress or style such as dying your hair pink or wearing a particular colour? Do you present yourself in a way that reflects your brand values?

Your physical environment

Are you making the most of the physical space in and around your business?
People are busy and even if they’re local, they may not realise you’re back or knew you existed in the first place. There are things you can do to help grab attention as people go about their lives.

If you have a clinic, do you have good quality signage outside? Old and battered signs will affect the perception of the quality of your services and reflect badly on you. Visible signage is a good marketing tool to reinforce your brand as well as helping people locate your business.

Don’t limit yourself to a clinic facia, there are many other options available such as nameplates, window graphics, floor graphics, A-frames and notice boards.
We’re all creatures of habit and go about our day on autopilot. Changing something about your signage or adding a new element will help people notice you’re back.

Signs don’t have to be limited to a clinic; you can have your car branded to help you stand out locally. It will then be a mobile advertisement for your business and go wherever you drive.

Depending on your budget and requirements, you can have removable magnetic graphics, full vinyl wraps and everything in between.

Idea’s people want to share

What can you create related to your business that grabs attention and people will want to share on social media? Here are a few examples to get you thinking: 

A Smart car owned by Easygrass covered in AstroTurf drives around here and it certainly stands out. It made me smile and if I hadn’t been driving when I spotted it, I would have definitely taken a photo and posted it on social media.

Something similar is Guiseley Osteopath who has “Stan the skeleton” in their clinic window. He’s become a bit of a local celebrity where he changes position or is accessorized depending on the season, or what’s happening locally.

The London tube stations write notes and inspirational poems to their customers. These handwritten notes on whiteboards are often shared on social media – another simple but effective way to stand out.

Build your local profile

Get involved in your local community and build your profile as the expert who helps your niche. This can be going to local networking groups, but it can be getting involved in aligned community projects. The more people who know what you do locally, and that you’re now open for business, the better.

Sharable Information

Make it easy for people to share what you do and let others know. The core of this is having a great marketing message that is simple and repeatable. If you can’t describe what you do simply in 10-12 words, you’re making it hard work for people to refer you.
This blog will help write yours: creating a marketing message.

You can add to your business cards, postcards and leaflets and make sure you always carry a few on you. You can also look for places where you’re allowed to share them like noticeboards in health food shops or local hairdressers.

Leaflets are something many practitioners get wrong so here’s a link to how to write a leaflet that works.

Let everyone know

Don’t let your return be the best-kept secret – look for opportunities to shout about it from the rooftops, and get your friends and family involved too.

Ensure your online presence is up to date including your website, Google My Business page and social media profiles. Look for offline opportunities such as articles in the local newspapers, get involved in local events and find opportunities to run talks for local groups.

Let everyone know your open for business:

  • Contact your past clients
  • Follow up on old enquiries
  • Ask friends and family to spread the word
  • Join local Facebook groups
  • Reach out to other practitioners you collaborate with
  • Email your list
  • Post on social media

When you’re personally reaching out to people, although time-consuming, it’s the fastest way to bring clients to your door.

Do whatever you can to build up the buzz for people wanting to book in with you and start thriving.

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Podcast 67 show notes:

  • (01:10) Branding
  • (03:44) Your physical environment
  • (06:22) Ideas people want to share
  • (08:33) Build your local profile
  • (09:14) Sharable information
  • (10:56) Let everyone know

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