Podcast 99: How to Consolidate Your Marketing

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How to Consolidate Your Marketing

I love marketing and I can happily spend hours creating images, writing articles, and producing podcasts amongst other things. I’m known for being consistent with my content and for being productive.

Whist creating marketing is a happy place for me – it must have good reasoning behind it. And if I’m honest – for me, it hasn’t always been that way!

Spending time marketing and working on the wrong things is a great way to keep yourself busy, but it’s also a way of procrastinating and stopping yourself from doing the important work.

You need to be focussing on the activities that work and attract clients.

I’m having a shake-up of my marketing and consolidating what I do and adding in new things that are aligned with what I want to achieve this year.

Here’s the process I went through:

What time and budget do you have available?

Take a good look at your diary, your commitments and decide exactly how much time you have available to do your marketing. If you don’t have time, do you have the budget to invest in help to get your marketing done for you? Do you have any additional budget to invest in new software, training, or services?

You need to understand what resources you have available, before you know what marketing activities you can commit to.

What marketing activities did you do last year?

Spend a few minutes writing down everything you’ve done to market your practice. Work out roughly how much time you spent on each, how much money they cost (in addition to your time), and most importantly – how many clients they attracted to your practice.

New marketing activities

In addition to the activities you already do, what could you be doing to attract clients? List down everything you can think of, that you aren’t already doing. Don’t censor these right now and include the marketing activities you’d like to try, or you think could be fun.

Add to these activities any budget you will need, and also the time you’ll need to allocate for them.

Review each activity

Take one item at a time and question why you are doing it, or want to do it:

  • Do you have the time to commit to it?
  • Did they attract clients last year (if they’re existing activities)?
  • Could your time be better spent elsewhere?

As you go through the list, highlight each item using a traffic light system to help you easily see where to focus your marketing efforts:

  • Red – stop doing or don’t do
  • Amber – this has potential for you, but you need to review how you can make it work better if it’s an existing activity, or there is a big learning curve or budget required if it’s a new one.
  • Green – go, go, go! If this is an activity that’s attracting clients to your door - how can you do more of this? If it’s a new activity that you feel has potential, how can you integrate it easily into your schedule?

Commit to your activities

Now you have identified your best options for your marketing, work out whether you have the time and resources for all those highlighted green. If not, you need to either prioritise them or find a way of adding more time or resources to them.

Then work through those you’ve highlighted amber and decide how many you have the capacity to do. Prioritise those you feel will give you the best and fastest return and add them into your marketing for 2022.

You may find you can’t do everything, but being consistent on a few things, is more powerful than trying to do everything and failing.

Give yourself permission to let go of anything that is coloured red as it isn’t serving you and it’s taking up your headspace.


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Podcast 99 show notes:

  • What time and budget do you have available?
  • What marketing activities did you do last year?
  • New marketing activities
  • Review each activity
  • Commit to your activities

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