Podcast 29: How to Build a Successful Holistic Business

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How to Build a Successful Holistic Business

This week, I interview Geoff Nicholson, a mindset and performance specialist who kindly agreed to be a case study in my new book ‘Your Holistic Business Recipe’.

Geoff is a coach and mentor helping entrepreneurs and holisticpreneurs across the world to build a business that brings them joy and success.  He is an international speaker and hosts a podcast (Success IQ) where he invites other thought and business leaders from around the world to share their journey and challenges in becoming successful and living a fulfilled life.

Geoff wants to inspire people to build businesses that bring them joy instead of running their lives.  He is a believer in walking the talk, and having fun is key to his success.

Geoff’s inspiration to become a practitioner

After fully recovering from his own version of hell with debilitating mental and physical conditions, Geoff wanted to help people be the best versions of themselves.  People have more potential than they think.  He helps them to smash through the brick wall of desperation and takes them on the journey to inspiration.

Inspiring 2 million people

Geoff has a mission to inspire 2 million people to live an exceptional life – whatever that means to them.  To stop living by someone else’s rules and instead, do something they’re passionate about.  It’s not just about the 2 million people, it’s about the positive effect they’ll have on everyone around them too.

Being authentic and vulnerable

Having the courage to be vulnerable about his own challenges meant Geoff was prepared to say “I don’t know” and ask questions.  People relate to and warm to vulnerability and it allows for an extra level of authenticity.  You’ll see through anyone who isn’t being congruent with who they are and the vulnerability will help you build amazing relationships. And, it’s less hard work when you’re being true to yourself.

Having fun and learning

Geoff discovered the best way for him to learn was to make it fun.  Being dyslexic and feeling nervous about putting words on paper, being labelled by teachers as not being good, being ill; he learnt getting better for him was all about fun.

Clients teach him something new each day and he works from a place of wanting to know more and having fun in the process.  Being able to laugh at stuff is critical.

Geoff recommends, if you crank up your energy to the fun space, all of a sudden, your obstacles aren’t the same.  You’re also more likely to be consistent with whatever you do when it comes to marketing.  Having fun will make you into a magnet and attract those you want to help.

Support team

Your family and friends aren’t always the best cheerleaders for your business.  You need an inner circle for your business that will support you and hold you accountable.  Geoff believes if you’re a coach, you need to have a coach yourself.  You have to practice what you preach, or you don’t truly believe in the process.

Your support network doesn’t have to be expensive.  There are lots of options including coaches and mentors, masterminds, business groups, business buddies and support teams.  You can’t do it all on your own – you need external support.

When you have someone in a safe environment who will help you and hold you accountable, everything changes.  Your commitment is backed by your pride and wanting to do well.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing

Geoff shared he’d have started things earlier.  If he’d have started when he first thought of ideas, he’d have been a leader in those concepts.  At the start, his inner critic got in the way and would want him to wait until things were perfect.  His podcast would have been started two years earlier and his speaking gigs would have started earlier too.

Have fun and learn in a safe environment

Things can become too big and scary.  Having fun and learning new things where you feel safe is the best strategy.  You will be doing new things before you know it. It will get out of your comfort zone and doing the things that will make a difference.

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Podcast 29 show notes:

  • 02:46 What inspired Geoff to become a practitioner?
  • 06:42 Misson to inspire 2 million people
  • 08:50 Being authentic and vulnerable, and sharing your story
  • 10:58 Having fun and learning
  • 13:26 Support team
  • 18:58 Hindsight is a wonderful thing
  • 20:28 Have fun and learn in a safe environment

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