Genius Self Sabotaging!

mindset productivity Nov 26, 2019
Genius Self Sabotaging!

I’ve discovered over the years, I can be a master procrastinator if left unchallenged!  When I had a task that scared me and took me outside of my comfort zone, I got very ‘busy’.

I’ve always loved a list and realised that when I set out my weekly ‘to do’ list, I would put the easy things at the top.  Crossing them off gave me a feeling of achievement.

Unfortunately, I often didn’t get to the more challenging items at the bottom of the list.  They would then be carried over to the next week, and so on.

I also used to find ways of distracting myself from doing more challenging items.  It’s amazing how therapeutic de-cluttering can be, or how it would be great to catch up with a friend, instead of knuckling down and getting my head around a scary task!

The great news is, by understanding how you sabotage yourself, you can do something about it.  This awareness allows you to quickly recognise what you are doing, helping you to move on instead of staying stuck.

Knowing my behaviours, I now write short, daily job lists with one main (sometimes scary) task I focus on, plus three or four smaller ones that would be nice to achieve.  Today, the 'big one’ was writing this article!

What are your sabotaging behaviours?


Avoiding taking action on the things that are most important.  This can show up in ways like getting sidetracked by social media, doing the cleaning, or going out for a coffee.  Basically, anything that distracts you from getting stuff done!


You spend your time constantly go over and over something, tweaking and trying to make it absolutely perfect.

Busy badge of honour

Wearing this badge will have you running around in circles.  You will do the easy tasks on your list, feeling very ‘busy’ but not being productive.

Putting others needs first

You are constantly running around looking after, or helping out others to the detriment of your own tasks.


Spending way too much time inside your own head, dreaming, wondering and planning how everything will be when your business is flourishing, when you’re earning a great income, when you get featured in the press, etc.

Blaming others

Looking for why things went wrong in the past and putting the responsibility at the door of others.


Either leaving things until they are absolutely desperate or waiting for someone else to step in and do it for you.   You just can’t be bothered and keep your head buried in the metaphorical sand.

How to stop sabotaging behaviours


Become aware of what your default sabotaging behaviour(s) are.  What do you find you automatically do when you have a challenge that is outside your comfort zone?  Being aware will give you the opportunity to change it.


What are the consequences of continuing this behaviour?  If they do not fit with how you want your future to go, they need to be addressed.


Recognise that you have a choice and only one opportunity to use your time – you will never get it back.  Make a conscious decision on what would be the best opportunity to spend your time on.  Now work out a strategy for making this happen that fits with you and your life.

Hiring a coach is a great way to keep you on track and address your self sabotaging behaviours.  Book a discovery call with me and find out how I can help you.

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