Podcast 66: Discover Your Marketing Mojo and Find Clients

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Discover Your Marketing Mojo and Find Clients

When you’re marketing mojo is working brilliantly, you’ll feel like everything just flows.  You show up at your best, have fun in the process and let people know how you can help them.  Clients are attracted to your practice and your confidence grows.

If you lose your marketing mojo, it’ll affect how you show up in the world.  Everything will feel forced, and you’ll struggle to communicate and build the relationships you need to be successful.  You’ll start to doubt that anything works and end up doing nothing.

Many practitioners feel they’ve never discovered their marketing mojo.  For them, marketing is something that they’ve struggled with from the start - a necessary evil to finding clients.

How do you feel about marketing right now?

Do you find your marketing flows, you have fun with it and prospective clients get what you do?  If yes - fabulous - keep doing what you're doing.

Are you feeling stuck and fed up with your marketing? If you’re struggling to be creative, feel overwhelmed and find yourself procrastinating to avoid doing the things that will help you find clients – you’ve lost your marketing mojo.

Find calm

Increasing the amount of calm in your day will alleviate stress and overwhelm and forms the foundation for finding your marketing mojo. 

Getting calm will promote clarity and creativity, improve your productivity which will enhance your marketing efforts.  The added benefits to your health are endless including improving sleep, digestion, and supporting your healing and immune system.

Here are a few ways to bring calm into your life:

  • Introduce pockets of calm into your day with practices such as meditation, breathing exercises or yoga.
  • Simplify things to limit the number of decisions you need to make, for example, plan out your week’s dinners so you don’t need to think about them.
  • Get out into nature – it’s amazing how calming nature is.
  • Read a book or do something creative.
  • Address your inner critic using your preferred approach, or with help from a practitioner.
  • Ask for help – it’s amazing how simply asking for support either at home or work will alleviate stress.

Re-visit your vision

Think about your vision for your business – what is it you want to achieve? Who are you helping? How does it feel to have happy, healthy clients?

To achieve this, you need to be letting people know you exist and how you can help them which is where your marketing comes in.

Visualise being motivated to do your marketing and the success you’ll get from it.  Allow yourself to feel how amazing it will be to connect with the clients who are a great fit for you.  And how it will feel as you start helping them, and they, in turn, tell others about your work.

Re-visiting your vision is a great way to inspire you to act on your marketing and take the steps required to succeed.

Podcast 47 covers creating a vision for your business 

Make marketing fun

If you see marketing as boring, sleazy or anything else that isn’t useful, you’ll find it a complete chore.  Making marketing fun means you’re more likely to do it.

Find marketing activities that play to your strengths and allow you to show up in the world in a way that’s authentic and feels good.  There are numerous ways to market yourself and just because you see your peers doing something, it doesn’t make it right for you.

There are options and finding the right way to market yourself that works to your strengths and the people you help will help you find your marketing mojo.

Podcast 23, I share how to make your marketing fun.

Get organised

If you have a simple plan of action for your marketing and know what you’re doing before you start, it will make the whole process much easier for you.  This will stop you from procrastinating and searching for ideas.

Then every day, decide what you’re going to achieve and make it realistic.  Select the two or three main tasks you want to do that day and focus on those.  Use a post-it note for your job list to avoid the temptation of adding too many things.

Remove any distractions which get in the way of you being productive such as closing all social media, working in a coffee shop, turning your phone on aeroplane mode etc.

Celebrate your wins

Celebrate each small step you achieve (and the big ones) with your marketing.  Give yourself a metaphorical pat on the back for every new client, every blog written, every sign-up for your email list etc.  Every win is another step towards creating a sustainable practice.

Support network

Strength comes from working together.  Make sure you have a great support network of people who believe in you, will help you and keep you accountable.  Find a business buddy, a coach, a mastermind group, an online community, Facebook group where you and other like-minded people support each other.  This way you have support when you feel your mojo is waning.

Be fabulous

Remember you have amazing skills and there is so much to offer your clients - sometimes you need to remind yourself of this.  Having a place to keep these reminders will help to boost your confidence if you’re having a wobble around your marketing.

List down your strengths and qualities - why you’re the best person to help your clients.  Keep a file of the feedback you’ve received to remind you of the great results your clients have achieved with your help.

If you’re struggling to find your marketing mojo, book a discovery call and find out how I can help you.

Podcast 66 show notes:

  • How do you feel about your marketing right now?
  • find calm
  • Re-visit your vision
  • Make marketing fun
  • Get organised
  • Celebrate your wins
  • Support network
  • Be fabulous

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