Podcast 56: Ask “Why?” When Picking Marketing Activities

ethical marketing marketing podcast Mar 11, 2021
ask why when picking marketing activities

The “why?” question is one parents’ are very familiar with.  A child will ask why to help them understand the world around them.  As adults, we sometimes stop asking “why?” and instead, accept things as the way they are.

Just because something has become the norm in marketing, it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for you.

We’ve all fallen into this trap at times.  Comparing ourselves to others and thinking we should be doing the same as them.  Doing more, doing bigger, doing better.  You easily get caught up doing the things you think you should be doing, instead of what works for you.

So, before you start the next marketing activity, ask yourself why am I doing this?

  • Does it help me achieve my goals?
  • Will it attract clients to my practice?
  • Is this what I really want to spend my time doing?

Whilst you should always strive to be visible and get yourself out there.  Make sure you do it strategically and not as a knee jerk reaction to something you’ve seen someone else do.

Reality check

Recently a practitioner friend decided she wanted a sparkling new website and to start making videos.  When we talked about why she was doing it – it was because she thought she had to.

She has a full diary of clients from an established referral system.  She’s happy with her business model as it stands and only wants to work one-to-one.  So why did she want an all singing all dancing new website and create weekly videos?  It was because she’d heard you must make videos these days.

On reflection, they didn’t add anything to her business other than a lot of work and money.  She had no intention of creating additional income online and was at capacity with her client numbers.

For now, she can have an online presence with her existing, simple website.  And she can improve it by claiming her Google My Business page and being listed in her professional directories.  If in the future, she changes her mind and wants to create online offerings, absolutely build an amazing new website.  But do it because the time is right.

Stop and ask why

Next time you find yourself drawn to doing something new to market your holistic business, stop and ask why.  Think about what you want to achieve from the activity and whether it is the best use of your time and resources right now.

Ask yourself why out loud as it will help you to put things into perspective.  Sometimes you just need to talk things through to get the right answer for you.

You may have to delve a little deeper by asking yourself why a few times.  Eventually, you will get to the reasoning behind it and will then be able to make a considered decision.

Does it fit

How does this activity fit in with the other marketing you do and your goals?  Is it something that easily fits alongside what you already do or will it replace something else?  By understanding how it fits, you will understand whether it will help you, or potentially be a form of procrastination for you.

No may mean not right now

If you stop yourself from doing a particular activity, it doesn’t mean you never revisit it.  It just means you have other priorities in your business right now.  Creating a podcast may be fun but if your immediate goal is to get clients, it’s not your priority.

Check it out

If you’re not sure why you should do something, do your research first.  Talk it through with a business buddy, your mastermind group or coach.  It will help you to focus on the things that are important to you and your business.

When you create anything in your business, you want your clients to care about what you’re doing.  It has to be something meaningful to both you and the person consuming it.

If you struggle to work out what activities are right for you, book a power hour with me and let me help you discover your marketing superpower.

Podcast 56 show notes:

(03:28) Reality check

(05:32) Stop and ask why

(06:24) Does it fit

(07:45) No may mean not right now

(08:26) Get a second opinion

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