Podcast 92: 6 Ideas to Boost Your Holistic Business in December

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6 Ideas to Boost Your Holistic Business in December

Are you making the most of Christmas offers in your holistic business this December?

It may feel like Christmas is overshadowed by the Black Friday deals, but it’s just around the corner and you’re already late if you haven’t given your marketing any thought.

If you’re looking for inspiration to boost your sales this Christmas period, here are 6 ideas for you.

1. Create Christmas gifts

This isn't just for product businesses, services can create gifts too.

If you do have products, boost your sales on the run-up to Christmas by creating gifts by either theming what you offer or packaging different items together.

You can help to inspire the buyer in making decisions for great gifts for their loved ones by letting them know who the gifts are for so label them as for him, for her, for kids, for the family, under £15 etc. Remember to include any benefits such as free delivery and wrapping.

If you have a service business, consider what you could turn into Christmas gifts. How could you theme them around Christmas, or bundle different elements together?

Also, consider how you can create an online experience into something more tangible. Having something to open on Christmas morning takes your gift to a new level. If you’re doing an online cooking class could have a branded apron, or if you’re doing yoga classes, you could provide yoga non-slip socks.

How about creating starter kits such as making your own hand cream or setting up a morning routine? What do you do that could be turned into a kit for someone?

2. Gift vouchers

How about creating a range of gift vouchers for people to give? My friend has been buying vouchers this year from favourite local services and shops including the hairdresser for me and the butcher for my hubby. Is this something you could offer in your business?

As with the gifts above, think about how you can make them into something tangible. You could provide a beautiful gift card that can be wrapped, a personalised certificate, or a small (and relevant) product.

3. Online Christmas markets

Markets aren’t just in person, there is a huge variety online now which make them accessible to a wider audience. They’re a place you can purchase gifts and support small businesses in the process – what’s not to love.

You can hold your own market using your social media accounts in live broadcasts if you have a big enough audience. To make the most of this you will have to make it into an event and promote it, but it could be a simple way of bringing some extra sales into your business.

Another option is to join an organised market – some are free, others will have a seller’s fee. You’ll still have to promote the market to your audience, but someone else will lead the event and help you make the most of the opportunity. If this appeals, check out social media groups, business networking groups and paid memberships you’re in.

4. Christmas countdown

Create a campaign counting down to the day where you promote an offer or service each day, or if you have one offer, it could be a different benefit or tip each day (or week). You don’t have to commit to a full advent calendar, you can go for weekly but the more the merrier!

Using your chosen countdown time, share your offers using your favourite marketing such as creating Instagram reels.

5. Community events

This is a great option especially if you work within your local community. What events could you be part of to both support your community and reinforce your business at the same time?

This could be taking a stand at a local fair where you sell products, or your services packaged as gifts. You can also be more creative and look to get involved with aligned projects where you’re able to demonstrate what you do and inspire people to find out about how you can help them.

A local fitness instructor to me started a weekly walking group to visit different towns to see the Christmas lights for people who want to be more active. It meant the less mobile members of the community got out and about whilst getting to know more about what she does. This resulted in her getting bookings for people wanting to work with her.

6. Create a Christmas ad

Christmas ads are a hot topic every year, which of the big brands is going to make the top spot. You don’t need to let the big budgets of them stop you from creating your own video. My favourite Christmas ad every year is by a local family-run hardware store, and I can’t wait to see this year's. No big budget required, just a little imagination.

If you’re happy on video and feeling creative, what ad could you create for Christmas? How could you bring some festive joy to your audience and boost your business too?


I hope I’ve inspired you to think about how you can increase your sales this December – it’s not too late to make offers and help your clients in the process. Which one of the above ideas are you going to do?

If you need help working out what to do this Christmas, book a power hour with me and I’ll help you come up with a Christmas plan.

Podcast 92 show notes:

  •  (01:06) Create Christmas gifts
  • (03:47) Gift vouchers
  • (05:02) Online Christmas markets
  • (06:24) Christmas countdown
  • (07:08) Community events
  • (08:16) Create a Christmas ad

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