Batching to Save You Time and Stress

Batching is a way of being super productive and is simply doing similar tasks together.  It will save you a serious amount of time and stress.

Anything that frees up time is worth doing in my book, and batching is one of the best ways I’ve found to do this.  I’m still work in progress and it’s something I’ve gotten really good at in some areas but there’s definitely room for improvement.

batching to save time and stress

Time is our most precious resource and we don’t get to spend it twice.  Life is busy and it’s too easy to get bogged down with stuff.  Before you know it, it’s the end of the day and you’re no further forward than when you started the day.

Advantages of batching

batching to save time and stressWhen you stop and start different tasks there is a time delay between them.  Whether it’s getting your brain in gear or logging into different websites, there is a time cost.  If you reduce the number of times you move between one thing to another, it will add up during the day.

It is easier to get into the flow of jobs when you are focusing on them.  You won’t have to work out where you got to or try to remember what to do next because you are in the right zone for the task in hand.

Batching will help you to clear the tasks that can often take days or weeks to get around to.  It’s a great way to give you space to work on your projects or take downtime with family and friends without having the unfinished to-do list hanging over you.

Batch at work and home

Don’t limit batching to just work, by batching some of your home activities and chores, you can save even more time.  It’s a way of working efficiently in every area to free you up for the things you’d love to do.

batching to save time and stress10 batching ideas

How to batch

Batching requires some organising.  Here are my suggestions on getting started:

batching to save time and stressBatching is a huge time saver and it allows me to be away from the office regularly.  Nothing comes to a halt and I don’t have the stress of the weekly tasks hanging over me.

If you struggle with batching your marketing, contact me for a chat and find out how I can help you.