Setting Good Routines Will Set You Free!

I have always been quite organised and good at following a routine work wise and getting through my tasks for the day but recently my days and weeks were turned upside down and I lost all momentum.

I had an operation (I have a bionic hip but that’s another story) at the beginning of May and the recovery period was quoted as being 6 – 12 weeks.  There was I thinking I would get back into flow much sooner than that but I’d totally underestimated the time it would take just to get over the effects of the anesthetic let alone the rehabilitation.

I got back to working after 6 weeks but then came challenge 2 – we moved home from Hertfordshire to Powys.  Whilst I love our new home, there has been a massive transition period of settling in.  I have never experienced such a big move before so the time and energy taken was quite a shock.

Getting back into my routine hasn’t been helped by not having an office at the moment (we are waiting for power to be run to it) so I am working when and where I can in between unpacking boxes and getting straight.

I have come to the realisation that trying to fit work in between other things really isn’t effective and constantly fighting with my job list doesn’t make the best use of either my time or energy.  I really missed the benefits of having a good routine.

Structuring my day and week in terms of when I work gives me the opportunity to really focus on what I am doing and the result is it frees up my time (and brain) outside of work to enjoy my home life.  So this week it is back to a schedule and getting some boundaries set and back into my day.

setting a good routine

If you are feeling like you are constantly jumping from one thing to another in terms of your business and getting frustrated at what you are achieving, take a look at your routine.  Do you have set times for work?  Do you include time for working on your business as well as in it?  By this I mean, do you have a routine for doing activities such as your accounts and marketing?

If you don’t, try scheduling time in your diary for these activities and start to build good habits.  You will find not only do you get a lot more done as you have focused time, you will also relieve a lot of the overwhelm you are experiencing at all the things you haven’t done.

Make sure you book some breaks into your routines too as you won’t be able to focus for hours at a time.  I try to work for 50 minutes and then have a 10 minute break if I am working for a solid morning or afternoon.

There is a great quote by Aristotle: “We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”  So get yourself into a good routine and start reaping the rewards such as achieving more, less stress and having the freedom to do the things you love outside of your business.

If you struggle creating a good routine, contact me to find out how I can help you.