8 Myths About Building a Successful Complementary Practice

There are loads of myths doing the rounds about what it takes to be a successful complementary practitioner.  Here are a few I come across regularly:

8 Myths About Building a Successful Complementary Practice

Myth #1: Once qualified, clients will come

Wouldn’t this be wonderful?!  Unfortunately, it’s a long way from the reality of building a thriving, sustainable practice.

You have to let people know you exist, and how you can help them.  You must learn how to market yourself effectively and make offers to prospective clients.

Myth #2: If I do another course/qualification, clients will come

This is a huge way of procrastinating.  No matter how much you learn, there will always be more to know.  At the end of the day, one more course, or qualification will not help you find clients.

You need to start where you are and do the best with what you have.  You can always add to your knowledge in the future, but you have to get started.  Finding paying clients is your priority if you want to thrive as a practitioner.

Myth #3: The Universe will answer

Do you believe in the ‘Law of Attraction’?  I do, but I also believe you must make it happen, you can’t just sit back and wait.  Absolutely set your intentions with the Universe and demonstrate just how serious you are with the action you take.

Myth #4: It’s impossible to be successful

This is a big one for many practitioners and therapists.  You’re qualified, you do amazing work but you’re still scraping around trying to find clients.

Yes, it’s hard work to be successful and have a sustainable business, but it’s certainly not impossible.  Look around at some of the amazing people you follow to see what’s possible with the right focus.

Myth #5: The magic formula

There are many people out there pedalling their system or formula as the answer.  Unfortunately, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution that works for everyone.

How you market yourself will be different depending on you, your clients, your resources and the stage you’re at in your business.

You have to find your own recipe to build your business on your terms.  Start by having good foundations in place and keep things simple when it comes to your marketing.

Myth #6: I don’t need to know my numbers, that’s my accountant’s job

Accounts may not be your thing and you may choose to outsource your book-keeping – that’s fine.  You need to understand your numbers to make good decisions for your practice.  Check out my article on simple accounting for practitioners.

Myth #7: I can do everything myself

As with every small business owner, you wear a lot of hats.  Whilst you may be able to fumble your way through all sorts of jobs, there is a lot that you shouldn’t be doing.

When you start out, you do more than you should because you don’t necessarily have the budget to get help.  As you grow, your time is your biggest asset and there will be certain tasks only you can do.  There will also be lots of tasks you should be outsourcing to professional services.

Practitioners often shy away from using marketers but think about this.  If you’re a medical herbalist, why would a client come to you instead of visiting Holland and Barret?  Because they will get superior healthcare, knowledge and service.  So why would you design your own leaflet instead of hiring a graphic designer once you can afford it?

Myth #8: I don’t need help

This is one where I’ve struggled in the past.  I’m very independent and prone to digging deep and battling through challenges.  I quickly realised working solo, I was too close to what I was doing and made some pretty costly mistakes along the way.

I now have a team of supporters (my ‘biz buddy’ who is my main coach/mentor and I’m a member of a couple of mastermind groups) who all help keep me focused and moving forward with my business.

Make sure you have a team of supporters available to call on, working as a practitioner can be a lonely journey and you need help to thrive.

If you want to know how I can help you build a thriving practice on your terms, contact me to arrange a chat.

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