Intuitive Marketing for Complementary Practitioners

As a complementary practitioner, I’m sure you utilise your intuition to enhance your clinical work.  You may be trained to the highest standards in your discipline, but your intuition plays a role in your success with clients.

Do you also use your intuition for marketing your practice?  This is where I feel many practitioners miss out.  Good marketing doesn’t have to be all logic and data driven, or following a particular system.  You can create a very personal approach that will help you stand out in the crowd and importantly, it will feel right.

intuitive marketingI see my intuition as my ability to have an insight into what is happening, or what is right for me without any specific reasoning or analysis.  It’s how I understand something in my gut and helps me to make sense of my choices.  I think of it as a wise inner voice that guides me in the best way possible, even if it doesn’t always make complete sense to others.

I’ve found that when I’ve ignore my intuition when working on my business, I feel very unsettled and can bounce around, from idea to idea.

I remember when first starting Garlen Complementary, I listened to too many opinions about what I should do.  I went with the experienced logic of my then mentors, rather than what my gut was telling me.  This resulted in me being pretty stagnant for the first couple of years because I really hadn’t found my own rhythm or fit.

It was when I shook off the opinions of others and did what felt right, that things started to change.  I knew in my heart, a totally traditional marketing approach just wasn’t right for me.  Once I admitted that to myself, I started to market myself in a more authentic way and things started to happen.

I challenge you to take your intuition into consideration when marketing your practice.  I just want to make clear, this is not giving you permission, to do no marketing.  It means use your intuition to help you choose the right path, and then dance along it, in your favourite sparkly shoes!

Tuning into your intuition

We all know our best ideas arrive when we’re walking the dog, or taking a shower.  These are the times when we are present and have space, rather than being overwhelmed by huge amounts of noise and distractions.

Take time to notice how your intuition shows up for you.  What is the reaction you feel in your body when you know something is totally right, or wrong for you?

Building your intuition ‘muscle’

List down times when you have gone with your gut feeling, and the results you got.  You will soon start to see how often your instinct has assisted you in making good decisions.

The more you practice, the better you will be able to trust your intuition.

Remove yourself

If you find yourself going over and over your choices, give yourself time to breath and do something different.  This will give you the space to tune into your intuition and check if the decision you are making, is right for you.

Be honest with yourself

Sometimes you need to consider your thoughts logically, to ensure you are not getting stuck for other reason like fear.  Check:

Maybe you’re torn between what you feel is right for you and what you think you ‘should’ do.

If you catch yourself saying ‘I should…’ ask ‘according to who?  Or, ‘I don’t know’, ask ‘what do I know to be true?’

Make a decision

Realistically, any decision is better than no decision and will stop you from procrastinating.  Decisions are rarely forever, but at least by making one, you can start to move forward with your marketing.

Give yourself a time limit and then make your decision.  It is amazing how much head space this will free up.

Using intuition in your marketing

As I said before, you still need to market your business and let people know how you can help them.  There will be times where it takes you totally outside your comfort zone, even if it feels right, but that is all part of the growth process.

When you are considering your options for marketing, start to work out if something feels right for you.  Does it represent you in the right way?

There are lots of different systems out there that absolutely work, but it doesn’t mean they are right for you.  If you implement something that doesn’t fit, you will struggle with it.  You can do a mix and match approach.  Once you have a few foundations in place, focus on getting yourself out there in an authentic way and thrive.

Need help working out what marketing approach is right for you?  Contact me to find out how I can help.

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