GDPR simple overview

GDPR A Simple Overview

Have you started looking at GDPR for your health and wellness business?  Just in case you aren’t familiar with the term GDPR (where have you been hiding?) it stands for General Data Protection Regulation which comes into place on 25th … Continue reading

refresh health and wellness website

Refresh Your Website the Simple Way

Most of us agree that having an online presence is a necessity these days.  The first place I turn to when researching new things is the internet.  My decision to work with someone will be influenced by their website and … Continue reading

too much competition

There’s Too Much Competition! Or is There?

Is this something you feel? There are too many practitioners who provide the same service as you?  There are too many alternative options available for your potential clients? This is a complaint I often hear from complementary practitioners and therapists.  … Continue reading

how to stop confusing clients

How to Stop Confusing Clients

As a complementary practitioner or therapist, one of the easiest ways to confuse your clients is, by using jargon. When we train, we are taught to use language that is specific to our approach.  We get comfortable with using certain … Continue reading